The Engagement

The Almost-Engagement in New Zealand...

Emilie and Arlan were going on a trip to New Zealand, and Arlan was secretly planning to propose there. He’d been working with a jewellery designer to get a ring custom made, but he found out a few days before their trip that it wasn’t going to arrive in time. He had his heart set on proposing in New Zealand, so him and the jeweller came up with a plan to have the ring shipped to one of their stops in New Zealand. Since they were travelling around for the whole trip, there was only one stop where they could get it sent to – Marlborough. They were spending 4 days there adventuring and wine tasting.

So every morning Arlan got up and made an excuse to leave and check the postal office, usually saying he was grabbing breakfast for them to have in bed before they started the day. Finally on their last day in Marlborough, the ring still hadn’t arrived. They were leaving on a 3 day hike the next morning, but would have to come back to Marlborough to pick up the ring after. So that evening Arlan told Emilie what had been going on the whole time, and that they had to come back to Marlborough so they could get her engagement ring! She was ecstatic, and very excited to see the ring. 

After the hike they went back to Marlborough
on their last evening in New Zealand, but
the ring still hadn't arrived...

So they went back to Vancouver without the ring, but semi-engaged. Turns out the ring had gotten stopped at customs and couldn't make it past Auckland. So the ring got shipped back to Vancouver and took about a month to arrive, all the while with Emilie waiting keenly to see the ring.

Once it finally arrived, Arlan planned a weekend getaway to Galiano for them to propose. They went on their favorite hike to Dionisio point, where Arlan proposed with the long awaited ring!